The People

The people behind the magic

Dominic Hewett

Position: Founder & Managing Director

Dominic first emerged into the world of business in 2001 when he began operating as a sole trader. His first venture Skyline Computers was initially based in hardware installation and troubleshooting for home users and small business. He soon realised the key to his success was providing a personal level of support and a consistent point of contact for his clients. This mantra has remained his core business principle, one that has been strictly carried to Skyline Hosting Solutions.

In 2004 Dominic began focusing more on the business and enterprise sector of Skyline Computers, the company began focusing less on hardware installation and more toward enterprise level system design and troubleshooting, with this core business change he split the company into two brands; Skyline Computers (his orignal home user oriented service) and SkylineIT. SkylineIT became the focus of his work and over time Skyline Computers gradually wound up as it’s client based gradually decreased, although Skyline Computers still holds a small amount of select clients.

SkylineIT became a success and within 4 years Dominic had built an extensive client base and corporate partnerships with key industry members allowing his business to thrive as his highly adaptive and dynamic organisation enabled him to adapt his business practice and services to follow the rapid changes in enterprise level IT during the emergence of Web 2.0.

In 2008 Dominic conducted market research with his existing client base in attempt to better understand the IT requirements of his SME clients and to see where he could take SkylineIT. SkylineIT discovered over 80% of it’s clients were still using third party out sourced hosting for thier web services. Over half those surveyed believed they were over sold and over charged for their hosting services.

The answer to this information was simple; take the founding principles and practices of SkylineIT and use them to provide hosting services, and from there Skyline Hosting Solutions was born.